Advertise where Clients are Looking

Google, Facebook, Microsoft (Bing) Ads are the best platforms to use for PPC advertisements. Your clients will see your services and products when they are searching or finding information about similar topics.

Options You have for Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a simple way of increasing revenue, brand awareness, or spreading the word about products and services.

The most common way of advertising is the Search Ads that allow you to show you ads while people are looking for services or products related to what you offer.

Shopping Ads are the best way for E-shops to sell their products because the detailed listings appear first in search results.

Display Ads are the best way for increasing brand awareness and spreading the word about your main product or service.

Get in touch with me and find out how can PPC advertising can benefit you.

How it will Work for You

Setting the Goals

For marketing to be effective, we first need to know what goals you want to achieve with it. Is it more inquires, sales, or something else?

Choosing the Best Channel

Not all ads are the best investment. I will analyze and find what works best for your individual product. Be it Google Ads, Facebook, etc.

Return on Investment

In advertising, you expect the money you invest to be returned. I will be optimizing your ads to exceed your investment and achieve your goals.

Measurable Results

PPC providers measure the effectiveness of your investments. Based on those statistics, I will optimize your campaign to utilize those facts.

Long Time Cooperation

Our cooperation will beneficial as I will know your business and can advise and suggest changes in strategies due to current PPC statistics.


To keep track of your expenses, I will provide a simple report of my activities in your account as regularly as agreed.

How can I Help with Your Project?

    My Experiences with PPC Advertising

    It all began in 2018 when I started to work in a marketing agency as a PPC marketing specialist. Since then, I was able to provide my services to a variety of clients from many different areas of business.

    Advertising Services

    Car rentals, cleaning services, technical services for cities and businesses, architect consultations, and more are services that I have managed PPC advertising for.

    Usually, we were tracking contact forms, registrations forms, scheduled meetings, and “call to” or “mail to” buttons.

    Tell me about your services and I will help you make the most out of your PPC advertisements.

    PPC for E-shops

    For most e-shops, PPC is a very important source of income. I had the opportunity to manage accounts for very small e-shops. These e-shops had a turnover that was in orders of thousands up to tens of thousands USD.

    In one case, I was able to increase the income of one of those e-shops by 356% in 4 months while keeping investments, including the price for managing accounts, around 10% from total turnover from Ads.

    Contact me to learn how you can enhance your e-shop marketing to generate more income.