Let Your websites work for You

Present your services and products with a simple clear design that your clients will be able to navigate through with ease. 

Increase Revenue with Webdesign

These days one of the most essential things for businesses is to have a presence online. Websites are a powerful and practical way you can use to present your services and products.

When your clientele is considered a tailored-designed web page can be an important source of new customers. Increase your revenue now with a new or updated website.

Components of Your Website

We will work together to provide your website with these primary components. If you have any additional requests or questions, just contact me.

Secure Connection

Google and other search engines prefer websites that allow a secure connection for visitors. I will automatically implement an SSL encryption as I design your website.

Screen Size

In our current age, websites are being seen on a variety of different screens. As a result, I will make sure your new website will be able to accommodate the various sizes.

Fast Loading

For a good score in Google search results, a key factor is the speed of your page. As soon as I start designing, I will be optimizing your website and images to load quickly.

Goal Driven Design

Websites should serve your project. They should be built in a way that leads their visitors towards a clear goal. Whatever your goal may be, my design will reflect that.

Measurable Results

Web analytics is a great way how to understand your clients and visitors. Thanks to Google Analytics, you will be able to see the most visited pages and many other useful metrics.

Online Marketing Ready

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is for many businesses a very profitable way of acquiring new clients. My background in PPC will set up your website to benefit the most from it.

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    Finished Projects

    Real Estate Broker – Jaroslava Mocova

    This project was based on an old version of a website that wasn’t sufficiently meeting the clients’ needs. After communicating with with client about her goals and requests, I then researched the statistics of her original website. I found which were the most visited pages through Google Analytics. All these components assisted me in designing a website that clearly presents her real estate and is easy for her clients to navigate.

    As an extra feature, the client and I agreed to create an automated robot that uploads the current real estate offer from the client’s database to the website.

    You can check out the website on JaroslavaMocova.cz

    Rental Service Website – Půjčovna Nosičů Kol

    This website was updated from an old and non-responsive website with a difficult-to-use interface. I started with a whole new graphic design to ensure that it had a user-friendly interface. I updated the pictures and structure from the old website and added additional products that they offered, but previously hadn’t been displayed.

    At their request, I programed a contact form with a conditional logic. Each pickup location provides different times and days for clients to pick up their rental. After the contact form was created, clients were able to determine their pick up location and automatically see and choose the available times for pick up.

    You can check out the website on Pujcovna-Nosicu-Kol.cz

    Technical Services Website – Myjeme.cz

    I designed this website per request from the client as there wasn’t an original website. The client offered multiple services and wanted a central website to display all of them. I designed the graphics based on the client’s existing logo. I then edited and upload pictures, created contact forms, and individual webpages for each group of services. In addition, I set up tracking codes for PPC advertising.

    This client was really interested in PPC advertising. Since implementing, he has had an increase in his clientele. Through Google Analytics, PPC channels are shown as being responsible for 60% of his website traffic.

     You can check out the website on Myjeme.cz

    Community-focused Nonprofit

    The previous version of the website ended up being attacked by viruses that destroyed most of the content and design.

    The client and I agreed on simple single-paged website with only necessary information.

    Woman Confidence Course

    The website is set up as a selling funnel for a woman’s course. In addition to the course, it offers free e-mail quotes and a small e-book.

    I cooperated on design with the client’s graphic designer and here is the result.

    Fitness Center

    When the designer and owner of the client’s web hosting and domain stopped responding to calls and emails, I was asked to step in.

    In the end, the only way was to buy back the domain and build a completely new website.