Performance oriented PPC marketing

Focus on your business and I will focus on maximizing the effectivity of your Pay-Per-Click advertising. Increase your performance with Google Ads, Bing Ads.

My skills for your growth


Consulting PPC strategy

Let’s talk about your business and lay down meaningful goals and Key Performance Indicators so we know what to aim for.


PPC Audit

FREE Pay-Per-Click audit for your PPC accounts. Show me your campaigns and I will check them for improvements.


Managing PPC Campaings

From creating new to managing ongoing campaigns. I’ll do my best for your project to be successful in PPC advertisement. 


Webdesign and Editting

Small changes on the website can make a huge difference. I can recommend changes or create new site eventually.

All common platforms under one roof

I will optimize your PPC campaigns no matter if you offer services, goods, or anything else. If you want more clients PPC will help you.

Get your FREE PPC Audit

Do you want to know if you are getting the most out of your PPC and if you are using all features PPC systems offer to you? Let me check your accounts. I will check if it is set up well and offer improvements eventually.

Best collaboration is when everyone grows

The best outcome of every work is to see your project grow. From a small local store to a big e-shop with a huge turnover, it’s always worthy to see a better return on investment, more clients, higher conversion rate or whatever is your goal. My goal is to squeeze the most from your Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Still not sure? Ask for FREE PPC Audit or just send me a message.

Petr Vrubel
PPC Specialist

Petr Vrubel - 2019